Noviclad Surface

Fiber cement façade panels with a polished surface

'We shape our buildings - thereafter they shape us'

Winston Churchill

This is all about aesthetics, life space, functionality and the face of architecture. The result of the designer determines the well-being of the residents.

Creating space with planes. Create surfaces by construction elements. A construction element such as a balcony or a facade is a determining element of the building. The first and lasting impression: the character of your building.

The facade acts as a protective shell. A sustainable operation provides lasting comfort.

Noviclad has been developed for the designer. Unlimited design freedom with durable reliability for the highest quality.

Read the technical specifications

Noviclad Surface

Technical specifications


Available with a thickness of 9 mm.


Standard size: 2440 x 1220 mm.
All our panels have a trimmed size.


The panels are available in different shades, with good color stability.

Rainscreen cladding

Noviclad panels are ideal for the ‘rainscreen cladding’ technique.

Rainscreen cladding is one of the most effective and least costly ways of giving full thermal insulation to a building without having to compromise on internal floor space, which is a downside of other insulation methods. The natural air circulation gives a pleasant and controllable indoor climate.